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SWFTS is Southwest Florida Technology Solutions

"Full Web Site Coming Soon."

Southwest Florida Technology Solutions is a total technology solutions provider focused on new and growing businesses. At SWFTS, we design and deliver solutions specific to the challenges your business may be facing and provide a feeling of understanding in an ever changing complex technical business world. We build our business one customer at a time, carefully providing for the needs of each customer.

Regardless of the business or industry you are in, we are prepared to help. With more than 30 years of experience in a multitude of business areas, we can apply business process to simplify, extend, grow or reduce costs of operation. We will work with you to design a technical solution to make your current processes simpler, to make your customers happier, or to automate processes to save you money and allow your business to grow. We can set up a network that gives everyone access to the documents they need daily, while keeping out those you don't want to have access. We can install new hardware or upgrade your existing hardware or software.

Need a new web site or just some updates on your existing site. Want to add some exciting graphics or a new Flash banner? Do you need a regular support team to help with the occasional bumps or maybe a remote backup site to keep your data safe? Whatever your needs. we are always available to meet them.

Call us at (239) 324-0145 or click on the appointment link to the left to request an appointment.

What's Happening at SWFTS


Web Sites Starting at Just $250  

Web Sites

Need a web site for your business and you don't want to pay a lot. Tired of chasing the "cheap" web site guys, only to find out getting what you want costs a lot more than you were originally told?

Our costs start at $250 just like we said! No tricks, no gimmicks, no surprises. We build exactly what you want, the way your want it and you will know what it will cost before we ever start. The math is easy; it's just like building a house. You have a plan, you add upgrades, each upgrade has a price, and there is a total for the project. You schedule a date, start on time and finish when you say you will. Easy Peasy!


Hardware Specials

Mrs Christoper's Art Class

Is your hardware heavier than it is fast? We can help. We have hardware from HP, Dell, and many others at prices that you will enjoy.

We don't mark our hardware up believing we can make a business out of one sale. We want to be your total solution provider and as a part of that belief we deliver hardware at competitive prices that you will be happy with and will still have money left over to do other projects your company needs to do to grow.

Check out our hardware specials, used hardware and new hardware prices. We are certain you will not be disappointed. We are here to help you install it or support you over the phone.


Printing Specials

Fun in the Park

Ask about our double order specials on FULL COLOR - Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures, Flyers, Letterheads, Door Hangers, Black and White Copies and Business Envelopes.

Need help with Custom Design on your business paper needs. Look for our free design special on many business paper product purchases.


Hosting Starting at $25

Science Class Discovery

Wow! Hosting starting at just $25 per month. Here is how it works. You let us design and or build your site for as low as $250 and we will host it for you for just $25 per month.

What do you get for $25? We will host the site at our extremely responsive and highly available hosting sites, as well as make minor monthly agreed upon changes, backup your files, and even keep your links current for you.


Business Development

Fun in the Park

We can apply cost/benefit analysis and calculated return on investment and propose technology solutions, vendor partnerships or process change to help make your business more successful.

Not sure where your at in your market. We can conduct marketing research and create a competitive analysis report.

We can provide company wide interviews to determine needs, tactical and strategic go forward plans.


Graphic Design

Science Class Discovery

Trying to make your mark on the market or on the web. Don't have a logo or would like your logo to look more like it does in your mind than it does on paper. Need some color in your business, on your letterhead, DVD covers, something to hang on your window that will catch the attention of all those potential customers passing you by.

Let us help. Contact us and let us come in and spin some change into your business and brighten your graphics future.

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