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SWFTS - About

"We build our business one customer at a time."

Southwest Florida Technology Solutions was founded in 2006 as rtjohn inc. Originally our focus was on helping customers with business strategy and developing plans around helping businesses grow, reduce cost and automate.

After meeting the small and mid-sized customers in Southwest Florida and seeing their needs, we began to grow and shape our business to meet those needs. We found as a new or existing smaller business, our customers needed help with many things. So we formed solution offerings around those needs.

We also found that new businesses don't have a lot of cash to throw around at technology needs, so we came up with alternative methods to help keep the costs down. We build a strategy for "what you absolutely NEED now" and work to that plan. For example: We create a web site that is a business card, perhaps just one page, with the plan to add more as your business grows. You are out on the web and as your business grows and you have more to spend on your site, we work with you to design and add the pages that will help your business the most.

We found it made more sense to train our customers on the things they do the most and support them when something unique occurs. Customers pay for the training once, where they are hands on and left with documentation on "how to"; instead of paying for support visits over and over again.

It also made sense to do more over the phone when we can. It keeps our travel costs down, allowing us to pass that savings along to our customer. Everyone saves time and the business is not waiting for the service guy to arrive.

We know it is a fine balance to keep our customers happy, not take all their money and still keep our lights on. As we continue to add customers and can spread the cost of our operation across the base and work smart instead of being wasteful, we can continue to grow our businesses while we make our customers business a success. It's our goal to do all this at a price our customers can afford.

At SWFTS we call that, "Building our business one customer at a time".

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